Judy Mosley

Lots of People Wear Glasses is the story of Katie, a big four, discovering that before she enters Kindergarten, she'll need glasses. But, who does she know that wears glasses?

At it's core, Lots of People Wear Glasses is the story of transition and the discovery that all of us, in our differences, have so much in common. Together, Donovan and Judy wanted to share how important it is to be yourself in a world that is losing it's uniqueness.

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Judy Mosley is an author, QA Analyst, and will crank out the occasional crocheted hat. Powered by coffee, her blog can be found at The Judith Life. As a graduate from Code Louisville, her life pivoted from Stay-at-Home mom to QA Analyst. She lives in Kentucky with her husband Donovan, resident illustrator, and her three wild children. Lots of People Wear Glasses is her first book.